The Founding 50


Lois Wentworth

Advertising officer, The University of the West of England

I’ve now been working in marketing for two and a half years, and I initially got into the industry by completing a digital marketing internship at an agency in Nottingham when I finished my degree in English.

I wanted to use the skills I learnt at university in a creative way, so I started looking for marketing internships when I finished my final exams and was lucky enough to start an internship I loved. I was then offered a permanent role and stayed at the agency for another year and three months.

Now I am using the skills that I learnt agency-side in an in-house advertising role at UWE Bristol and love learning new things every day in this fast-moving industry.

Meeting face-to-face with young marketing professionals and being shown really cool campaigns that evoke emotion, especially any that are video-based, and emphasise that they could work on impactful and creative projects like this for a career will help garner more interest in the industry. When speaking to a younger generation about marketing, I would also grab their interest by talking about influencer marketing, as they are part of a generation that is likely to have a favourite YouTuber or vlogger so they’d be able to relate to this closely. Finally, you could inspire children by talking about the excitement that the future holds with ‘robots’, with the rising use of AI, virtual reality and digital assistants. It is a thrilling time to be a marketer and we need fresh talent to enable us to innovate and continue to connect with our audiences effectively.