The Founding 50


Tanya Jumabhoy

Assistant brand manager for Ribena, Lucozade Ribena Suntory

I got into marketing during my GCSEs, which inspired me to take it at International Baccalaureate level, which then inspired me to study it at the University of Bath.

I completed a placement year in a marketing position and have now started my first permanent marketing role. I’ve been in the marketing industry overall for just over a year.

The absolute mix between creativity and strategy is what inspired me to get into marketing – it’s my number one passion and I find the fast-changing dynamics in the industry absolutely fascinating and energising.

To get kids interested in marketing it needs to be made less boring and be applied to the real world. When you see what you’re studying in everyday life, it’s impossible not to be curious about it. There needs to be a better balance between a focus on traditional structures (PESTLE, SWOT, Porter’s 5 Forces) and actually learning what you would do in a marketing role – how to analyse data, how to plan a creative process, how to build a strong brand. There also needs to be a much stronger link between marketers and consumers. Get out there and meet the consumers to learn about them.