The Founding 50


Tessa Pillar

Digital marketing manager, Unify Communications

While studying for my English literature degree I secured a writing and editing internship at an online magazine. Copy writing gave me the first step into the world of marketing, giving me the necessary experience to start in my first full-time role as a marketing executive for a recruitment company.

I’ve now been working in marketing for just under five years. There are truly no limitations on the sort of role you can end up doing with marketing and there are so many different disciplines that fall under the marketing umbrella there is truly something for everyone, whether they are more creative or analytical.

It’s an incredibly varied sector and you don’t get stuck doing the same thing day in, day out. It’s all about growing, improving and not being afraid to try new things.

It’s crucial that we get more education around marketing as a viable and exciting career option. Many school age children will never even consider marketing as a career option because they simply won’t know what it is. We all grew up with the usual doctor, vet, lawyer, pop-star spiel, but I can’t remember ever being introduced to the roles that exist in the business world. It’s about reaching out to school age children who might know they’re good at writing or like to draw but don’t know how to translate that into possible jobs. Showing them the opportunities that exist to use those talents within marketing will be a great first step.