The Founding 50


Tony Waygood

Group insights manager, New Look

I was fortunate enough to start my marketing career while at university by doing a year-long stint with Kantar as part of my degree.

After I graduated in 2012, I returned to Kantar where I worked for six years (three in London and three in Shanghai). I recently moved client side to join New Look in March this year.

I have always been fascinated by brands, first of all as a customer. I find the impact brands have and the value that can be placed upon them incredible.

An understanding of the power of marketing will help encourage more young people pursue a career in the sector. We know that being told what to do doesn’t work, but how can we shape and influence behaviour with marketing strategies? I don’t think enough is actually known of what marketing departments actually do. It’s not a school subject, so what does it really mean? Once we show what marketing is I do think children would be inspired.