The FSA seeks marketers for ” consumer engagement” panel

The Food Standards Agency is seeking marketers to form a new panel that will monitor how well the body engages with consumers. It is seeking a Chair and eight members to form the new Advisory Committee on Consumer Engagement.

The FSA is looking for people with experience of “best practice in consumer engagement” from a variety of backgrounds across business, media, academia or the voluntary sector. It also wants two members to have experience with disadvantaged and vulnerable consumers.

Members will be expected to bring specialised knowledge of consumer perspectives, analysis of consumer data, performance measurement or improvement and marketing innovation.

It is hoped that the Committee will provide the board with “quality assurance” of its consumer engagement and it will make recommendations for strengthening its engagement process. It will meet twice a year and will report annually to the FSA board.

FSA chief executive John Harwood says: “By acting as an external challenge to me and my colleagues, the new committee will help the FSA strengthen even further its engagement with individual consumers.”


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