The joke’s on disgruntled MW readers

There must be more uncomplimentary letters about Iain Murray than any of your other columnists. He must be doing something right, then.

I can’t believe Ruari McCallion takes the satirical Murray seriously (MW March 23). Does the phrase “light relief” not mean anything to him? I imagine Murray was tickled pink by the accusation of being precious. Is it not obvious that the whole point of the Murray column in a magazine such as Marketing Week is to provide over-the-top, amusing comment on topical issues? Why would you otherwise have it?

Can people not imagine Murray sitting in the bar of the Green Dragon saying to himself “What can I write this week that will raise a few hackles among those incapable of understanding that in the long run we are all dead?” The joke is that the style of Murray is hopelessly transparent. No one could be seriously that insensitive or out of touch – but that’s what’s funny, init?

Tony Cass




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