The loss of true brand value

A change in a company’s name is often a strategic necessity, but the reaction to “Consignia” shows that many people regret the loss of established, recognised names with true brand value, in favour of initially meaningless, soul-less concoctions.

The Post Office’s chief executive is reported as saying that “the new name describes the scope of what the Post Office does in a way that the words post and office cannot”. This is hogwash. We should rejoin that “Post Office”, whatever its weaknesses, speaks of trust, a distinguished history and public service in a way that “Consignia” never will.

“Consignia” is, unfortunately, most likely to be consigned to an increasing yet disposable catalogue of anonymous-sounding and interchangeable epithets. It is the Post Office’s loss, and ours.

Chris Ludlow

Henrion, Ludlow & Schmidt



A wee bit of toilet humour for the day

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