The Marketing Academy reboots Scholarship programme

The Marketing Academy’s founder and CEO Sherilyn Shackell outlines the changes to its Scholarship programme ahead of its 2017 relaunch.

The Marketing Academy

The Marketing Academy has relaunched its Scholarship programme for 2017 and redefined the 4Ps of marketing to “better articulate the learning modules that people experience when going through it”, according to founder and CEO Sherilyn Shackell.

The new 4Ps are: Personal development – to become an extraordinary human being; professional skills – to be an exceptional marketer; people – to be an inspirational leader; and purpose – to become a change maker.

Those four modules will be delivered in nine months rather than the current 12 months, making it a 15-day programme. “Reducing from 20 to 15 days enables more companies to be able to support and endorse their employees going on the programme – which has been a barrier [in the past],” says Shackell.

These modules will be delivered in four ways. The new programme has three boot camps, beginning with a five-day boot camp, and there will be four lectures over the nine months on each of the 4Ps. There is no change to the mentoring and coaching elements.

For the first time in the UK the academy is raising the top end work experience criteria from five to 12 years’ experience to five to 15 years, following lessons from the “more mature cohort” in Australia, where the programme also runs.

Shackell says: “If they are already in a position of leadership they find it much easier to flex the muscle of what they are learning back in the work place immediately. Their learning curve is sharper because they are able to try all of the new things out.”

Registrations for the 2017 Scholarship programme are now open. Click here for more information and to nominate a marketer.



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