The Marketing Week – 24/4/2013

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Sony’s war with Microsoft for UK living rooms stepped up a gear this week following the reveal of the Xbox One console. The Japanese gaming giant has launched a targeted media blitz for its Playstation 4 console to dampen buzz around Microsoft’s new machine. Activity includes paid search executions appearing against terms, including ‘Xbox’, along with pre-roll YouTube ads appearing against videos found using search terms such ad ‘console’. Additionally, it is running multiple takeovers on top gaming sites next to editorial on Microsoft’s Xbox One. Its a subtle move from Sony and reveals how far the company is willing to go to win the next console war.


Bailey Report

The ad industry
The Government praised the voluntary steps taken by the industry since Reg Bailey, chief executive of Mother’s Union, published his report on the sexualisation of children in 2011.
In a report, the Department for Education says it was “pleased” with the progress made in areas such as banning the employment of children as brand ambassadors and cracking down on the use of overtly sexual imagery in outdoor ads. A note of caution, however. Children and families minister Edward Timpson did warn against complacency, adding statutory regulation remains an option if the industry’s foot is taken off the gas.



Marketers’ work/life balance
Marketers, it seems, are a busy lot and getting busier. A survey of 1,420 professionals from several sectors by recruiters Robert Walters found he number of hours worked by marketers every week has increased more than any other profession in the last two years. More than a third of marketers now work a 50+ hour week, an increase from 24 per cent two years ago and ahead of the 28 per cent UK average.


@sophielovestea – digital exec at AIS London on more marketers working 50+ hour weeks
I def do, only 50+ rarely. All about working smart. I’ve worked with people who do 50+ for appearances.
@CUWomensAssoc on the backlash against Facebook over ads being placed on pages that condone violence to women
Hi @Dove. We will not buy your products until you stop using advertising space which endorses rape. #FBrape @EverydaySexism
Facebook both reflects our misogynistic society and is a conduit to change it: more on gender-based hate speech on FB
Beckham has left a positive legacy amongst fans and the public. Is he one of your top footballers of recent times?
Opening a Coke has had the same sound for 125+ yrs. How do you give it a new twist? #RemixBottle #CokeJourney
Setting the extraterrestrial driving distance record? Priceless. Kudos, Opportunity.
@Draftfcb as Microsoft lacunhes Xbox One
This isn’t your momma’s version of #gaming.


The Man of Steel Returns

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well watch this video and come to your own conclusions.

Earlier this week Warner Bros launched this trailer in the run-up to the traditional summer blockbuster season ahead of its June 14 release. At the last count, the video received over 130,000 views within four days of launch. With Watchmen and 300 director Zack Snyder in the director’s chair the movie keeps in the recent trend towards ‘re-booting’ traditional superhero movie franchises for a post-9/11 world.

Apple continues to say little with new iPhone ad

The vultures appear to be circling around Apple waiting it to finally fall of its perch with many citing the ‘lack of innovation’ in the absence of its founder Steve Jobs.

However, with all that said the iPhone continues to lead the smartphone sector with this week’s US ad continuing to highlight its leadership as both a personal music device. The 61 second-long execution says little – much like current CEO Tim Cook.


Sailfish OS, the fourth or fifth mobile ecosystem?

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android continue to lead the smartphone market with Windows Phone-backing Nokia a little bit off realising its goal of becoming the “third ecosystem”. This means, by most accounts at least, Blackberry can still lay claim to third place in most markets but this week the market got a little more crowded with the launch of Jolla.

The Finnish start-up company consists of a host of ex-Nokia employees who have used the legacy Meego technology platform to introduce their Sailfish operating system along with its own-branded handset. The video below unveils some of its features.



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