The measure of social

Last week’s cover feature by Lucy Handley on benchmarking social media caused quite a stir. For the full debate see

The C-level executives do have a good point – better, more consistent metrics are needed to validate the engagement of social media as a channel to connect with key audiences.

But, looking at the stats for even relatively new platforms like Pinterest, this demonstrates the incredible potential to drive traffic through social platforms.

The brands that get on board the social engagement vehicle now will be in a far better position to turn audience engagement into action than will the late majority or laggards.

It is the job of the communication agencies, however, to better advise and support clients in the process of finding the right channels to connect more effectively. Something few are yet doing.

Alex Luff


Was this poll conducted with marketers living and working in the last century? It all seems very shortsighted. Almost akin to saying Facebook is a foolish and ineffective way to communicate, or that smartphones are a passing fad.

We need to appreciate the bigger picture – that social media channels are a driver and tool to instigate action and a two-way dialogue. And that usually segues very effectively into customer acquisition.

Alison Jacobs


Phones4U’s Jeremy Waite is right when he says the biggest failing around social media has been the ability to define/include metrics which actually mean something to the business. Reporting metrics “just because we can” serves little purpose to a head of e-commerce who quite rightly has their analytical hat on.

If the plethora of tools has taught us one thing, it is that there is more than enough data available – people just need to interpret it into something of value.

Paul Fabretti


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