The outlook’s… rather vague

Calling all soft drink and ice cream manufacturers. The Diary is here to help you.

Former naval meteorologist and Daily Telegraph weather correspondent David Bowen has come up with weather forecasts for the next ten summers. Bowen, who must have Mystic Meg-style powers, believes this information can help marketers plan sales strategies. So, here goes.

Next year, we will enjoy a mostly fine summer, according to David. In 2005, on the other hand, we will have a mostly fine summer. And zooming ahead to 2011 – by which time most of you will have changed job at least five times – it will be… a mostly fine summer.

But if you think there is a pattern emerging, be warned: 2005’s summer will be fine early, then changeable. And as for 2008? You don’t even want to go there.


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