The Priory to advertise rehab services

The Priory, the rehab clinic renowned for its celebrity clientele, is to rolling out the first of four regional ad campaigns to promote its services. The campaign will run across 15 regional areas in newspapers, magazines, radio and outdoor posters.

The campaign kicks off this week featuring challenging images demonstrating the progression from social use to potentially dependent and damaging use and is designed to show that Priory can help people in crisis before it’s too late. As well as drug addiction the campaign will highlight gambling and alcohol problems.

Priory sales and marketing director Elizabeth Logie says: “The message is clear: an occasional habit can soon become an addiction with devastating consequences for all affected. Help is needed and the Priory offers a completely confidential helpline 24 hours a day and a free initial addictions assessment. It’s all about helping sufferers realise they have a problem and that we can help”.


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