The process behind Creation

It was with interest I read your recent feature “Generation Game” (MW October 22) and I was pleased to see mention of ourselves, Creation.

Paul Gander correctly pointed out that our name is the fusion of “credit” and “information” and questioned whether or not this would register with our “customers”.

The complexity of our business, however, gives us two customers – retailers and cardholders. The customers interface with our business very differently and as you can imagine have very different requirements.

Cardholders relate to the branded storecard they have in their purse or wallet, eg Wallis or Selfridges & Co, and to the DUET network in which the card is accepted. As account cardholders, they can benefit from excellent service and many ex clusive offers that the network brings. Creation Financial Services merely administers the cardholder’s account.

The other key group of people with whom we work are retailers. We have a retailing background and so understand how our information can help retailers in the decision-making process. To date, Creation has provided its retail clients with information to support business decisions including location planning, visual merchandising and store layout. Such innovation, which is mirrored by our name, is a tremendous benefit and point of difference in today’s competitive storecard market.

In preparing for our name change, we worked with an external consultancy and went through a rigorous process to ensure the name reflected our business and our way of working.

Debbie Allmey

Managing director

Creation Financial Services


West Midlands


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