The quickest way to a consumer’s heart…

Understatement, modesty and a strong tendency toward hiding their light under a bushel. Yes, the Americans are frustratingly backward in coming forward. Take their descriptions of a new marketing medium.

It is “one of the greatest achievements of the technological age”, according to one observer.

It will provide “ground-breaking, lucrative opportunities on a global scale” according to the company that invented it. “Huge revenue boosters”, no less.

Or it “would have a dramatic impact and be on everyone’s lips, creating tasty smiles”.

And the nature of this amazing new medium? A little device that indents messages into pizza crusts… or biscuits, pies – even baked potatoes.

Revolutionary, no doubt. But one comment did worry the Diary a little: “[It] would be a mega hit, lasting indefinitely instead of minutes.” Just what kind of crazy preservatives are the Americans putting in their pizza these days?


ASA rebukes Michelob Ultra over health claim

Marketing Week

Anheuser-Busch beer Michelob Ultra has been censured by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for implying in its poster ads that the low-carb beer can be consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle. The brewer has decided to withdraw the ad. The poster campaign, created by DDB London, features two joggers next to a bottle of […]


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