The real aim of Net campaigns

I read with interest Jeremy Paul’s media comment on dot-com advertising, “Websites must act like brands to be successful” (MW last week).

He makes the point that most dot-com advertising is only geared to building awareness and not the brand.

But I feel Jeremy has rather missed the point.

Call me an old cynic, if you must, but a fair number of these dot-coms don’t actually have a brand proposition to promote – let alone any services to offer.

Many are only interested in building awareness of their name so that when the initial public offering (IPO) comes around people will have heard of them and will be willing to plough in investment – by which time the money will be in the bank and the founders will be in the Bahamas.

I’d like to think that I’m wrong, but sadly that dot-com bandwagon just keeps on rolling – for the moment.

Alan Morgan




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