The rise of the chief customer officer post

Our piece about the inevitable rise of the chief customer officer prompted much discussion. Here are some views:

The article says that “more than half have already appointed a CCO”. There are only 22 CCOs within the Fortune 500, and expanding the reach to the Fortune 1000 yields only another four. Thus, for a random sample of marketers to have such a large concentration of CCOs is ludicrous.

A CCO’s competencies are new and don’t currently exist within a traditional marketing department… but marketing is often a natural candidate because of its work in customer data and campaigns. But it should not be a slam-dunk that this work is led from marketing.

Jeanne Bliss, Customer Bliss


Stay loyal to loyalty

Marketing Week

I write in response to your recent article “Why I’m regaining my faith in the loyalty programme” by Richard Madden (MW 10 December 2009).


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