If the pharmacists are to be believed, we’re all sick

Marketing Week

Is pseudo-science to blame for the discovery of an unending array of diseases labelled as syndromes? Iain Murray believes dysfunction is all in the mind On this all the textbooks agree: the very antithesis of marketing is to create a product and then persuade people to buy it. It should happen the other way around: […]

Sugar-free extension for Red Bull

Marketing Week

Red Bull is to launch Red Bull Sugar Free this month, the energy drink’s first variant in the UK. The product will be on shelves in Sainsbury’s by the end of next week and key petrol forecourts by the end of January. Other supermarkets and grocery stores should receive stocks between February and March. Red […]

Reading the runes is no real strategy

Marketing Week

It is a constant revelation to me that the dubious nature of brand stretch (“Power brands begin to stretch credibility”, MW December 12, 2002) is not challenged in a more rigorous manner. The sources made good points, but echoed those made almost ten years ago by Ries & Trout in The 22 Immutable Laws of […]


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