The Secret Marketer on the Gordon Gekko’s of the marketing industry


One of my all-time favourite movies is the iconic Wall Street, so I enjoyed a bank holiday treat taking in the sequel. How times have changed.

Mobiles are a whole lot smaller and I get to watch the movie on Blu-ray courtesy of Lovefilm rather than on dodgy VHS courtesy of Blockbuster. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps shows the return of the legendary Wall Street hot shot Gordon Gekko after a decade spent behind bars for insider dealing.

Wall Street is a timely reminder of the excesses that accompanied business life in the Eighties. Aside from the odd agency lunch, awards dinner and occasional legendary agency party, the marketing industry may not be quite as hardcore as life in the City, but surely there is a classic insider movie just waiting to be made. Think Wall Street meets The Devil Wears Prada meets Ugly Betty meets The Office. I have never been very good at pithy brand positioning statements, but you’ll hopefully get the script.

“The marketing industry may not be quite as hardcore as life in the City, but surely there is a classic insider movie waiting to be made”

The marketing world is not short of Gordon Gekko candidates to audition for the main role. I have discovered that one of my near neighbours is a big wig in the advertising agency world. I recognise him but fortunately he is too grand to have noticed me. He is a well known industry figure having been boss of several big shops and has enjoyed his fair share of notoriety over the years.

Such a profile has led to what now appears to be a celebrity persona and the lifestyle trimmings that follow. I only noticed this chap because every time I walk past his house there appears to be a limo outside ready to take him to or from work. I am, of course, jealous though equally delighted to be “keeping it real” as I walk to the local train station.

Most mornings our star is too busy to say good morning to his driver as he is already on the phone no doubt shouting at his junior agency suits to sell, sell, sell or asking his PA where he is going to lunch today or which pitch he has to do meet and greets at this afternoon. I can’t help but wonder who is paying the bill for all of this commotion and excess. I am glad it is not me. There is only one Gordon Ge


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