The small world of great minds

Well we looked, and we rather think we have. I refer to the new campaign for the Australian tourist commission and Singapore airlines by D’Arcy promoting unusual destinations.

“Well great minds” as they say, think alike, because only a month earlier the Nexus/H-generated campaign for the Suzuki Grand Vitara also began. It too promotes unusual locations, arrived at thanks to Suzuki’s 35-year 4×4 heritage, with the headline “Been there, done that?” Not 100 per cent identical but very close. Two agencies and two clients with a similar message, maybe it’s a small world after all.

Julia Brewer

Marketing & projects director

Nexus/H UK


Camelot backtracks on good causes pledge

Marketing Week

Camelot has backtracked on its pledge to raise £15bn for good causes over the next seven-year licence, and now says it will only be able to achieve this figure if regulations are changed to give it more freedom to market games.

It’s a case of double impact for Popstars

Marketing Week

Publicists for Popstars, the Granada television programme charting the fortunes of hordes of pop-star wannabes, have done their best to make an impact in the streets of Soho, London. Banners for the ITV series saying “Nigel [Lythgoe, LWT head of entertainment and chief talent spotter in the show], pick me” have been sent to all […]


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