The supermarket that has the stamp of inequality

When most people get mad, they try to get even. But when Tesco staff refused to scan a card for Michael Jerome, he decided it would be much more fun to get e-ven.

When Michael popped in to his local Tesco store to buy a birthday card and a book of stamps, rather than queue with the rest of the shoppers buying their week’s groceries, he went to the tobacco counter to be served. The staff were happy to sell him the stamps, but, Michael claims, didn’t want to put the card through the scanner. Michael left the store cardless and stampless, but did acquire a score to settle. (The Diary isn’t sure how many Clubcard points that’s worth.)

As Tesco didn’t respond to the complaint as quickly as Michael would have liked, he did what any member of the cyber generation would, and put his complaint letter up for auction on Ebay, with the proceeds to be donated to Childline.

Those wishing to see Michael’s missive should search for “Tesco letter” on Ebay, which had attracted a highest bid of £11 when the Diary went to print. The reply from someone claiming to be a Tesco customer service manager stating that the letter is “in distaste in respect of the company and does not give Tesco any good for their reputation” is also worth reading. And it’s worth bidding for the letter – when it comes to charity, every little helps.


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