The Times creates head of marketing position

News International has appointed Paul Gilshan to the new role of head of marketing for The Times.

The Times

Paul will lead the brand work for the newspaper and work closely on driving loyalty and attracting new customers to the title and its affiliated products.

He reports to Alexandra Lewis, marketing director of the publication, who is also a former Sky marketer.

Gilshan joins from BSkyB where he is head of marketing for Sky Movies, Sky Box Office and Sky Real Lives and responsible for the media output of all the Sky Networks Channels.

He worked on the relaunch of Sky Movies in 2007 moving from numeric to genre channels and was previously an Associate Director at OMDUK

News International is expected to introduce some paid-for-content online under the Times brand this year.

The newspaper has just posted an 8.75% drop in average net circulation for the period July to December on the previous year (source ABC) to 565,279.



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