The top 10 YouTube ads in July

Last month’s most watched YouTube ad rankings in the UK were dominated by sporty campaigns, but Greenpeace’s epic protest video against Lego and Shell’s partnership was more than deserved of its place at the top of the leaderboard, notching up more views than the rest of the top 10 added together.

1. Lego: Everything is NOT awesome (Greenpeace)
Creative agency: Don’t Panic

Greenpeace created this stark video as part of its Save the Arctic activity, in protest against Lego’s partnership with oil giant Shell.  The YouTube video, which depicts  the famous building block toys drowning after an apparent Arctic oil spill, has amassed more than 5 million views.

But so far this video’s success appears to be limited to reach, with Lego’s CEO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp making a statement last month that the company would continue its long term co-promotion contract with Shell. He added: “We are saddened when the Lego brand is used as a tool in any dispute between organisations”.

2. Puma launches Arsenal kit trilogy
Creative agency: GBH

Arsenal kicked off the club’s five-year kit deal with Puma in style with an event and snazzy video to promote the new strip. “Together we are stronger” beams Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger, who himself appears as a misty beam of light emitted from the north bank of the River Thames.

Wenger continues with trite phrases quickly jumped upon by Arsenal’s detractors in the comments section – “Arsenal is like no other: we choose how to play”, “for us, winning is never enough” and the strapline “future forever victorious” just some choice examples – which no doubt helped the video notch up its 1.1 million views alongside the many Arsenal fans looking to grab a first glimpse of the new kits.

3. Irn in our blood – Irn-Bru Glagow 2014 Commonwealth Games ad
Creative agency: Leith

Irn-Bru chose stoic Scottish pride over its usual, more controversial creative approach for its latest ad as the soft drinks brand looked to celebrate the 2014 Commonwealth Games being held on its own wee land. There’s still some funnies on offer though: particularly the silly “you’re not bowling any more” chant about 30 seconds in. And the narrator saying “numpties” – a criminally underused word in advertising if you ask Marketing Week.

4. Ian Poulter & Gooners – Stronger Together (Puma)
Creative agency: GBH

Arsenal and Puma return in the rankings in yet another spot to promote the newly-formed partnership. The video sees polite applause for Ian Poulter as he plays a round of golf transforming into a mass football fan chant. As Poulter readies himself for his final putt, Arsenal legend Freddie Ljungberg steps in to offer some expert advice. The ball inevitably goes in and the crowd of excitable Gooners go wild.

5. Nerf blasters trick shot teaser
Created by YouTube user F2Freestylers

The makers of the popular Nerf gun toys got in touch with the YouTube “F2 Freestylers” football skills outfit and asked them to have a play with their new blaster guns. The result was a slick piece of branded content that saw the chirpy duo put the new guns through their paces in their inimitable agile fashion.

6. Is this the toughest golf shot? #Blindingshot (HSBC)
Creative agency: JWT

7. Lovebox Festival makeup tutorial (Revlon)
Created by YouTube user Hello October

8. The Epic Driftmob feat. BMW M235i
Creative agency: Interone

9. BMW M4 – Ultimate Racetrack
Creative agency: Cundari

10. The History of the Manchester United Shirt – Teaser – Chevrolet
Creative agency: Commonwealth/McCann, Detroit

*This rank is determined using some of YouTube’s signals of viewer choice – number of views within the country, view rate (how much of an ad people choose to watch), and percentage of organic views versus paid views.


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