The top dogs have all been collared

The latest autumn and winter fashions are in the stores; and not just for people. Well, so the Diary hears. Dog lovers everywhere will be pleased to hear that they need no longer have their style cramped while out walking man’s best friend.

A range of trendy leads and collars has been launched by Armitage Pet Care, featuring “stylish” Denim leads and collars, and “luxurious” Italian nubuck leather collars and leads. So, if you’re out walking the dog, the only thing you need be embarrassed by is stooping down to scoop the poop.

But the Diary believes that these canine accessories may revive a late-Seventies phenomenon – Punk. And, with designer dog collars, it may prove to be a bigger craze than before.

The only thing the Diary can be sure about is that dog’s can now set foot in a place where only their feline counterparts dared to tread – the catwalk.


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