The UK’s Top 10 YouTube videos of all time

Even with music out of the equation, only one ad made it into the UK’s most viewed YouTube videos since the site’s launch ten years ago.

1. Charlie bit my finger – again !

While three-year-old Harry’s wound may have stung, the reception of this home video, showing two English brothers, certainly didn’t – it has topped the UK charts and gained nearly 820 million views globally since it was uploaded on 22 May, 2007.

2. FROZEN – Let It Go Sing-along | Official Disney HD

The official Disney UK sing-along version of Idina Menzel’s Academy Award-winning Frozen hit places second on the list, despite the fact it was only uploaded in January 2014.

3. Ultimate Dog Tease

Surprise – a “talking” animal made it into the top three! Launched on 1 May, 2011, this cute video shows a dog upset at the lack of bacon in his owner’s fridge.

4. The Annoying Orange

Though this video lives up to its name, it comes in fourth on the list, has over 165 million views worldwide since October 2009 and has since been created into a comedy web series, TV series, video game and range of products.

5. The Sneezing Baby Panda

Though the fifth place contender is only 17 seconds long, the video, which shows a mother panda at the Wolong Panda Breeding Centre started by her sneezing baby, has gained over 217 million views globally since its upload in November 2006.

6. Cher Lloyd’s X Factor Audition (Full Version) –

The world has tuned in to watch 16-year-old Cher Lloyd’s X Factor audition nearly 45 million times since September 2010, and the video is the sixth most viewed in the UK. Though she didn’t win the competition, the singer went on to by signed by Syco and Epic.

7. KONY 2012

Invisible Children’s video, promoting the charity’s “Stop Kony” movement to find and stop war criminal Joseph Kony, went viral in March 2012, putting it in the UK’s top 10 and gaining over 100 million views worldwide. It also garnered massive criticism regarding the project’s legitimacy.

8. Nike Football: Winner Stays. ft. Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Rooney, Ibrahimović, Iniesta & more

An ad, an ad! Squeezing its way into the top 10 is Nike Football’s “Winner Stays”, part of its Risk Everything campaign from April 2014. The four-minute film features top footballers including Rooney and Ronaldo, alongside the likes of Kobe Bryant, Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Irina Shayk and The Incredible Hulk.

9. Look Up

This five-minute spoken word video about unplugging from social media and embracing the outside world ironically went viral after it was uploaded in April 2014, was shared by the likes of Andy Murray on Twitter and has gained over 50 million views worldwide.

10. Harlem Shake (Original Army Edition)

While countless Harlem Shake videos have made their way to YouTube fame, this Army-style version rounds out the top 10 most watched videos in the UK since YouTube’s launch, hitting over 107 million views worldwide since February 2013.


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