Kallo Foods top marketer departs

Seb Joseph

Kallo Foods marketing director Elaine Underwood is leaving the business as part of senior management shake-up at parent group Wessanen UK following its acquistion of fairtrade tea brand Clipper Teas.


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  1. Naomi Stringfield 3 Jun 2019

    Enlightening! My favorite take-away was the discovery that customers don’t always like to be told how exciting a new upgrade is. This is a perfect example of how an inward focus can harm marketing efforts.

  2. Julia Eppingstall 6 Oct 2019

    I love how they began to learn their audience in such detail that they were able to put what I would almost call ‘ego’ aside and recognise that their ‘microsoft’ branding wasn’t resonating with everyone. From this new platform they would capture the market that may have intentionally set out to avoid them in the first place.
    I imagine Apple or Samsung may seek to do something similar in future – as they have brand loyalists that they continue to serve (Apple users may actually prefer the functionality of a Samsung but just refuse to engage Samsung because they’re Apple loyal and vice versa) instead of either Samsung or Apple creating a ‘traditionally loyalist appealing product’ they may find themselves coming up with side innovations/ideas that transcend branding altogether, for the sake of attracting a new (once stubborn) audience – so long as it addresses a gap/need.

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