The Wenlock effect

I have just managed to recover myself from the howls of laughter that Mark Ritson’s article induced in this week’s edition (MW 27 May).
Absolutely brilliant!

Wenlock : Phallic resemblance?

Not sure I agree with all the comments – maybe Mark has his own internal demons to battle with regarding phallic imagery. Nonetheless, a brilliant read and thoroughly enjoyable.

Helen Antcliff, Communications manager, AAH Pharmaceuticals

I read Mark Ritson’s piece “Yes but it looks like a penis” regarding the new Olympic 2012 mascots unveiled recently.

Let’s remember the mascots are created for children, not for adults, and the feedback from children actually seems pretty positive. So maybe we should ignore our dirty minds and remember that kids are less likely to associate any vaguely phallic object with an actual penis.

They are fun-looking in a cheap “Monsters Inc” kind of way, and if they keep kids amused then they have served their purpose.
My main objection is actually to the slightly Orwellian cameras in the eyes… Mobile CCTV disguised as odd-ball Olympic mascots is a little worrying.

Arthur Irving, Director, Skylark Creative


Coalition is all the rage

Marketing Week

The current political situation is like a soap opera waiting to unfold. Getting coalitions to work is a tough job and is something that takes a lot of time and patience – perhaps not ideal in the political world.


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