The Year Ahead 2007

We are not known as a nation of optimists, yet in the past two years, Marketing Week’s The Year Ahead magazine has brimmed with positive predictions for marketing. In 2004, our experts foresaw a promising 2005 and their prophecies were largely accurate. In 2005, they looked forward to an even more prosperous 2006. As the year ends, a few have had to admit they may have erred on the side of wishful thinking.

If the past is a place where things are done differently, then the future is a stranger land still. Despite the obvious difficulties of trying to see the unseeable, our industry experts have tried their hardest to foretell 2007. And so, with only a little reserve, we confidently wish you a happy new year.
Daney Parker, special reports editor, Marketing Week

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Salmon leaps before she’s pushed

Marketing Week

ITV’s top marketer Clare Salmon looks set to become the first senior executive to leave the broadcaster in the wake of Michael Grade’s appointment as executive chairman. Salmon, director of marketing and commercial strategy, is said to have been…

WebTrends launches dynamic search tool

Marketing Week

WebTrends, the US-based Web analytics company, is launching its Dynamic Search tool in the UK and is in talks with UK advertisers to adopt the software. Dynamic Search automatically determines combinations of networks, keywords, positions, creative and landing pages that deliver the best return on investment, and dynamically allocates advertising spend to the top-performing combinations. […]