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There may be 71 shopping days to go, but that hasn’t stopped Marketing Week receiving its first Christmas card, over a fifth of a year early. So a warm, seasonal ‘well done’ to Susie at Takeone Consumer Services, provider of instant hot drinks to Safeway and Somerfield, according to the company website and as subtly demonstrated on the card. Presumably the Easter egg’s in the post, too…The Diary has never been averse to scraping the bottom of the barrel. Or, in this case, wiping it. On a recent trip to the benighted (literally, given the cloud-cover at the time) North-west – Netto in Levenshulme, to be precise – the Diary spotted this rather evocative price label. Judging by the spelling, the product obviously originated in the US, the original ethnic melting-pot. But whether the rolls are available in a mixed multi-pack, or whether one purchases the shade closest to one’s racial group, the Diary really couldn’t say.


Celador seeks sponsor for ‘footballing Oscars’

Marketing Week

A title sponsor is being sought for a television event that is being billed as the Oscars of the footballing world. Celador International will market the event, which will give footballers from around the world a chance to vote for their peers in 12 award categories, such as best goalkeeper and two best strikers. It […]


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