There really has to be scope for a Virgin-ity pun in here somewhere

Virgin Comics is hoping to latch onto people’s basest desires to promote itself as a major player in the lucrative comics industry. Working with licensing agency Corporate Creative Licensing (CCL), the company is trying to obtain the intellectual property rights for the images from Deepak Chopra’s Kama Sutra/ The Seven Spiritual Laws of Love.

If the companies are successful, the familiar (well, to the Diary at least) images will be reproduced on a range of products including greeting cards, clothing, stationery, games, gifts, home furnishings and soft textiles, pending the outcome of talks between CCL and several with leading retailers and manufacturers. The agency will manage the licensing campaign, the brand and style guide.

The range is being inspired by Chopra’s words from the book: “Sexual energy is the primal energy of the Universe. It is the principal fuel behind all of our creativity that gives rise to poetry, music, art and science.” What a coincidence! That’s what the Diary’s always said too!


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