They’ll have the shirt on your back

One year on from Transport Displays Inc’s takeover of London Transport Advertising it is worth recalling the impact this highly moral US company has had on LTA’s sales staff.

The American parent, which is reputed to have Mormon connections, is well known for encouraging “team jogging” and even a bit of sartorial fascism.

When TDI’s US president, Bill Apfelbaum, first met the sales staff last year he left behind John Lewis vouchers for them all. “How nice,” said one misguided salesman, “I was going to buy a washing machine anyway, this can go towards it.”

“You don’t understand,” replied a senior US manager, “Bill wants the vouchers to be for you.” The rep replied: “But the machine is for me.”

“Well, Bill was disappointed that not all of you were wearing white shirts,” replied the manager. “The vouchers are for you to buy some.”


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