Thierry’s seeks ad agency to promote Santa Julia wine

Thierry’s of Romsey, the UK wine importer, is searching for an agency to carry out consumer advertising for its Argentinean wine, Santa Julia.

According to marketing manager Sarah Wheeldon, if the campaign proves successful then the same agency will be appointed to devise a strategy and execution for a range of Thierry’s other wine brands. Budgets have not been released.

Thierry’s handles about 19 per cent of the French wine sold in the UK and controls 5.5 per cent of the UK wine market overall, either by distributing branded products on behalf of vineyard owners and co-operatives, or sourcing by own-label products for major supermarket chains.

The company had no marketing department until nine months ago, when Wheeldon joined from Australian wine company Rosemount.

She has since recruited a marketing team, introduced a new corporate identity, and advised Thierry’s clients on how to improve their own marketing. She says: “We are searching for a smallto medium-sized agency. Initially, it will be to work on Santa Julia, but if it is successful we would add other brands.”

Last week saw the launch of one of the projects Wheeldon has been advising clients on – French Kiss from French Fitou co-operative Mont Tauch. French Kiss is targeted at young ABC1 females.

Wheeldon adds: “We needed to demystify red wine and soften the branding to make it more accessible to younger people.”


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