Think outside promotion box

The Debate

In your sales promotion article (MW 21 April), you quote Symphony IRI Group’s Rod Street as saying: “Trade promotions have accelerated to unprecedented levels over the past three years and more than half of all FMCG products are now sold on promotion.” By this, he means price promotion.

Much of this is down to a knee-jerk reaction to shifting product in the recession. But a well thought out promotion can have products flying off the shelves, and reinvigorate the shopper and foster loyalty.

We were involved with the Kellogg’s campaign mentioned in the article that offered customers the chance to buy three boxes (not necessarily in one visit). The brand did indeed see a significant increase in redemption rates, but by asking consumers to go online, it also generated in excess of 200,000 names and addresses of people who bought the products.

Chris BaldwinMarketing director, Mando


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