Thinkbox research chief steps down

Thinkbox research specialist David Brennan is to leave the commercial television marketing body.

Brennan has held the position of research and strategy director at Thinkbox for over four years and will leave in July “to pursue other opportunities”. The body is looking to recruit a replacement.

He joined Thinkbox in 2006 from Associated News, where he served as head of group strategic insight. As part of this role he set up the Associated Group’s first ever strategic insight department.

He has also operated his own independent media consultancy in Australia and in the UK has worked on a number of projects for HTV, Yorkshire-Tyne Tees Television, ITV Network Centre and Flextech Telewest, including designing and implementing the research programme behind the BBC’s successful launch of UKTV.

TV broadcaster Five, now owned by Richard Desmond’s Northern & Shell company, recently ended its membership of Thinkbox. However, the body still represents 92% of the market by audience.



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