Thinking beyond the call operator

A calling customer’s experience begins when they pick up the phone, and ends when they hang up. But what’s the journey like in-between?

In his letter, Paul Jackson (MW September 25) stressed the importance of marketers getting involved with the call centre from the beginning to ensure the message being conveyed by operators is the same as the one expounded by the ad agencies. But don’t forget the call experience before an agent answers.

To ensure the right brand message is conveyed from start to finish, every element of the call journey should be considered – from branded, recorded welcome messages or menus, to pertinent audio experiences while waiting in a queue.

We believe in taking a holistic approach to the call experience and developing audio that communicates brand values to customers just as much as the operators. Such a creative audio strategy can have a positive impact on calling customers, leaving them feeling comfortable and happy to make the journey again.

Rob Farnham

Managing director


London W4


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