Thirst Pockets launches TV campaign

Georgia-Pacific tissue and kitchen roll brand Thirst Pockets has launched a national TV advertising campaign to support the re-launch of its Thirst Pockets Kitchen Towel brand.

Thirst Pockets advert

The campaign puts a focus on the recent investment in the Thirst Pockets product that aimed to improve its reputation for durability as much as absorbency. Marketing will also encompass in-store marketing and promotions running until October 2009.

The TV commercial, developed by French agency Les Ouvriers, opens with a family enjoying breakfast on a terrace when the child knocks his cereal bowl off the table and onto the floor. When the parents move to clear up the mess, a loud trumpeting noise heralds the arrival of an elephant that smashes through the garden fence, rushes up to the breakfast table and sucks up the mess.

The following day, the scenario is repeated but this time the father leaps into action with a roll of Thirst Pockets kitchen roll. The creative ends with the tag line “New Thirst Pockets; the power of an elephant in just one sheet”.

The 30 and 20 second ads and a 10 second sponsorship ident with GMTV break will run until 4th October this year. Combined with in-store activity, the investment runs to approximately £4 million.

“New Thirst Pockets is now stronger than ever and the new TV ad reflects this perfectly,’ commented Tracy McNamee, category marketing manager for Thirst Pockets. ‘The tongue-in-cheek comparison between the strength of an elephant and one sheet of kitchen towel reiterates it’s a trusted, quality brand.”


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