This Much I Learned about mental health

In the fourth episode of Marketing Week’s new podcast series, former London Sport marketing director Mieke Evans and former head of creative and design at Virgin Atlantic, Michael Stephens, discuss how to nurture your mental health in the age of Covid-19.

The Covid-19 pandemic and life under lockdown present a unique mental health challenge. This heightened state of health, financial and emotional anxiety will no doubt exacerbate underlying issues, as people find themselves subject to the pressures of an uncertain world.

There are, however, ways to cope and changes people can make to help them feel better. For Mieke Evans, former head of marketing at London Sport, taking a sabbatical to cycle from Holland to Portugal helped her reset mentally and embrace a stripped back existence. Now account manager at Beyond Sport, Evans believes asking for help is one of the most powerful changes you can make.

One marketer on how a sabbatical helped her reset mentally and professionally

Michael Stephens stepped away from a high-profile career at brands such as Virgin Atlantic, Ted Baker and Liberty to strike out on his own as co-founder of Create Space retreats and workshops. A passionate mental health and self-care advocate, Stephens discovered the importance of swapping a high-achieving lifestyle for something more authentic.

In this fourth episode of the This Much I Learned podcast, Evans and Stephens urge people to prioritise their mental health by reaching out and asking for help. They share their own challenges and the changes that made a difference to their lives, suggesting ways others can improve their mental health during Covid-19 and beyond.

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