This Much I Learned with Alex Dimiziani

In the second episode of Marketing Week’s new podcast series, former Airbnb global marketing director Alex Dimiziani explains why now is the perfect time to close the ‘risk confidence’ career gap.

From serving as global marketing director at Airbnb and global creative director at Coca-Cola, to studying for a Masters in investigative journalism, Alex Dimiziani is no stranger to making bold career moves.

With the coronavirus crisis continuing to take an economic and emotional toll, she believes now is the perfect time for marketers to take a leap of faith and try something new.

In this second episode of the This Much I Learned podcast, Dimiziani urges female marketers in particular to close the ‘risk confidence gap’ that teaches them making bold career moves is too risky. She also advises anyone listening to embrace a career with real diversity and embark on the next stage of their journey without fear.

To hear more insight on marketing careers in the age of Covid-19, listen to previous episodes of Marketing Week’s This Much I Learned podcast on iTunesSoundcloud and Spotify. 



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