This Much I Learned: Weetabix and Zoopla on the state of marketing careers

In the latest episode of Marketing Week’s podcast series, Zoopla CMO Gary Bramall and Weetabix head of marketing Gareth Turner discuss marketing’s renewed strategic role, the appetite for data talent and accelerating upheaval industry-wide.

The most in-depth analysis of its kind, Marketing Week’s 2022 Career and Salary Survey has revealed a wide variety of insights about the current state of marketing careers.

Debating the statistics are CMO of property specialist Zoopla Gary Bramall and Gareth Turner, head of marketing at Weetabix. Turner and Bramall discuss what the fidnings mean for marketing, the priorities emerging for 2022 and their hopes for the profession’s future.

Marketing is, for example, gaining a greater strategic role in business according to almost a third of marketers (30.9%). A further 14.8% say marketing is better appreciated and 13.4% claim marketing is seen as more influential.

Data and analytics expertise has emerged as the biggest talent issue for a third (33.4%) of respondents, while more than half (56.5%) of marketers have experienced structural change in their team over the past 12 months. In large companies the rate of marketing team restructures is at 63.7%.

In the midst of this upheaval, 56.9% of marketers are contemplating moving jobs this year, forcing the industry to grapple with its own ‘Great Resignation’.

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