Thomas Cook shows gay kiss in order to reflect a ‘modern population’

Thomas Cook says its new campaign represents the needs and tastes of a “modern nation”.


Thomas Cook claims its new ad campaign ‘You want, we do’ is “bold and contemporary” as it features a gay kiss and gay parents.

The main TV ad, which will debut on Christmas Day and is set to the song ‘Get Ready’ by Stella Talpo, is one of five adverts that will showcase Thomas Cook’s hotels and cruise ships. The ads will be pushed out gradually over the course of the next year.

The travel brand’s aim is to show how it can create different memories for different people across its various resorts. Thomas Cook also describes the campaign as “bold” in regards to the way it is represents the LGBT community.

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Jamie Queen, marketing director for Thomas Cook Group and UK, told Marketing Week: “I think marketers can always do more to represent the needs of the consumer and that’s what we’ve tried to do with the gay kiss. It comes down to the needs of our customers and addressing a modern population.”

screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-16-56-23Thomas Cook is not the only brand focusing on diversity this year. A Marketing Week study revealed that 32% of marketers have used ‘more’ images of homosexual couples over the last 12 months. These have included Channel 4’s Gay Mountain campaign to support gay athletes ahead of the winter Olympics in Russia, and Lloyds Bank featuring a same sex marriage proposal.

The campaign also features “Snapchat-style” filters and Instagram Boomerang elements where sections of the ad are sped up.

“We’ve produced a very different, bold campaign to suit the needs of a hugely fragmented market. The visual style is very modern and reflects similar trends we are seeing in Snapchat filters, gifs and Boomerang,” adds Queen.

“The ad is not just a 60 second ad that has been cut down, it’s a modular video framework that is very similar to James Corden’s Late Late show. The overall campaign is contemporary to work with modern media.”



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  1. Courageous, considering Thomas Cook holidays include places where some followers of the local religion and culture can be homophobic, so there must have been a temptation to avoid this issue. Hope the gay marketing works for Thomas Cook and others follow their example.

  2. Richard Johnson 21 Dec 2016

    This is just abuse of the LGBT community. Thomas Cook is clearly manipulating the subject just to get attention – which is great marketing – but please don’t be under any illusion they are being diverse here. It’s cheap and tacky.

    • Had you seen the advert when you posted this, Richard? There’s an image of a family with two dads, and a later shot of a gay kiss, but they’re both on the screen for less than one second. Diverse means “variety” or “many types of something”, and the advert shows that.

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