Thomson to show in-store digital ads

Ads for retailers and holiday goods such as sun-tan lotion are set to appear in Thomson Holidays shops this summer. The company is installing 32-inch digital screens in 100 of its biggest stores and selling space to advertisers.

The screens are being operated by Remote Media group, which is also selling the ad slots, although Thomson will have the final say on which ads are shown.

The digital displays will carry 22 different still images for eight seconds, each on a three-minute loop. Seven of the spots will be reserved to advertise Thomson products, but the other 15 are being sold to companies that are keen to attract holidaymakers. Retailers and tourist destinations have already booked slots, and the screens will go live during August.

The company says that the initiative will bring in revenue, allow in-store messages to be regulated from head office and also save time, as staff will not have to put up point-of-sale materials.

Thomson marketing manager Doug Glenwright compares the scheme to Tesco TV, but says Thomson’s ads can be better targeted and people will be more receptive to holiday-related advertising while they are booking their trip.

“People are much more relaxed and open minded when they are booking a holiday, which can also take up to 30 minutes,” he said.

Thomson is also installing video screensavers on in-store computers which will show ads offering Thomson deals when they are not being used.


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