Three brands that failed to make an impact second time around

Explore three brands that failed to make an impact second time around.

1 Nova magazine:

Women’s magazine published by the then Mirror Group between 1965 and 1975 that tackled serious issues, as well as fashion. It was revived in 2000 by IPC at a time when the women’s magazine sector was becoming increasingly crowded. It folded again in June the following year.

2 Nestlé Texan bar:

A chewy nougat bar manufactured in the Seventies and Eighties. It was brought back for a short period in 2005 following a wave of confectionery-related nostalgia.


An iconic fashion store during the Sixties and Seventies that was founded by designer Barbara Hulanicki, but fell into financial difficulties. Dorothy Perkins and Dennis Day bought 75% of it, but after disagreements with the board over creative control Hulanicki left the company and in 1975 BIBA shut down. The brand was sold to a consortium that opened a store in 1978, but it closed less than two years later. The BIBA label was relaunched again in May 2006 under designer Bella Freud, but ceased production after just two collections.


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