Three CEO stars in personalised video campaign to promote 4G

Three CEO Dave Dyson is starring in a comical personalised MMS video direct marketing campaign to inform customers when 4G is available in their area.

Video: Dave Dyson stars in Three MMS video marketing campaign.

Dyson recorded more than 4,500 different names so customers will feel as though they have received a personalised message from the executive.

While Dyson plays it straight throughout, the background of the video is anything but, and features an American Footballer tackling an office worker to the ground, a skate boarding duck and a unicorn, among other farcical characters.

The campaign launches today (28 March) and will run throughout the year as Three increases its 4G rollout from 36 towns and cities currently, to more than 250 by the end of 2015.

Three says the activity ties to the “silly stuff matters” theme of its two recent ad campaigns: #DancePonyDance and #SingItKitty.


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