Tic Tac invites video uploads in World Cup campaign

Ferrero UK has launched a social media site for its Tic Tac brand called Shake Some Noise as part of its marketing campaign for this year’s FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

The campaign encourages users to purchase limited edition Tic Tac packs and record videos of themselves performing a football-related dance or song with the pack, then uploaded it to shakesomenoise.co.uk.

Viewers can vote on their favourite performance and the most popular will win the opportunity to record a track with the England Supporters Band and a platinum disc.

Mauro De Felip, Ferrero UK marketing director, said, “This is a new initiative for Tic Tac in the UK and we’re excited to see how the campaign develops in the coming weeks.”

Similar football-themed Tic Tac packs will be available in six other countries including Brazil, Australia and Holland, although it’s unclear if Ferrero will launch similar campaigns in each country.

Tic Tac’s most high-profile association with football to date was the result of a mistake by broadcaster ITV when it prematurely broadcast a Tic Tac ad during a live game on TV. Viewers missed a crucial goal as a result The mistake received much media attention as it occurred during a high-profile game and prompted Ferrero to launch a spoof viral video campaign recreating the missed goal.

This story first appeared on www.nma.co.uk


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