Tide starts to turn towards leisure time on home turf

More than half of marketers are planning to spend more of their holiday in the UK this year.

The majority (52%) of the marketing professionals who responded to marketing-week.co.uk’s online poll say they will spend more holiday time in domestic destinations.

However, a significant number (38%) say they will not be changing their holiday habits in 2009. A further 10% say they haven’t yet decided.

Marketingweek.co.uk asked its readers to comment after VisitEngland launched a TV campaign to persuade people to spend their holidays in the country.

Growing unemployment and uncertainty about financial stability has had an impact on so-called “big ticket” spending in the UK, including foreign holidays.

Lastminute.com has claimed domestic bookings have increased by 50% recently with many other domestic operators saying sales are up by as much as 40%.

The “Enjoy every minute” campaign, created by CST, is running across terrestrial and satellite channels as well as in cinemas.

It is part of a £3m integrated campaign developed after VisitEngland research showed one in five of those who took an overseas holiday last year say that they would consider switching to the UK this year due to the economic downturn.

VisitEngland was previously a department within VisitBritain but is now an independent body with a remit to market the country domestically, led by head of marketing Amanda Smyth.

Are you planning to spend more of your holiday time in the UK this year?


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