Tilda educates on rice cooking with online series

Tilda Rice is launching a radio and online campaign to educate consumers on how to cook the perfect rice and encourage individuals to use rice in more of their meals.


The campaign, which has been created by MPG Media Contacts, includes a new online series of short programmes using celebrity chefs Anjum Anand and Jo Pratt. A radio campaign on Magic FM will run alongside the series.

In the five-minute programmes, the chefs will aim to show users how Tilda can be used in interesting ways. They will be rolled out online throughout February, across the AOL food portal and the Good Food Channel website.

Tilda says it wants to erase the perception that rice is hard to cook, and that people only use it for staples such as chilli con carne and curry. It also aims to show how versatile and exciting cooking with rice can be.

MPG Media Contacts built the campaign using its in-house content unit and specialist digital video producer Simply Media.

Kaysha Gupta, Tilda’s marketing manager, says: “This is an exciting time at Tilda, we are trialing new methods of reaching consumers through online content, which allows us to emphasise our key messages of how to cook the perfect rice, and why not all rice is the same, as well as showing how easy it is to produce delicious rice recipes using Tilda Pure Basmati rice.”

Nick Price, head of content at MPG, adds: “This content demonstrates how brands can increasingly re-inforce their brand values, and complement more traditional advertising, by using entertainment to engage with their consumers to give them something of value that they want in a trusted environment.”


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