Time hunts 6 sponsors for cross-media project

Time Warner is seeking six sponsors for a joint editorial and marketing programme on European e-commerce across Time, Fortune, CNN International and CNN Interactive.

The cross-media programme, called e-Europe, will include a week of themed programming on CNN in June, special issues of Time Atlantic and Fortune, and a Website produced by Fortune and hosted by CNN Interactive. It will coincide with a meeting of top global chief executives in Paris, organised by Fortune.

Up to six sponsors, who will be guaranteed category exclusivity, are expected to pay $845,760 (&£528,600) for premium ad positions across the media brands. They will receive 116 30-second spots on CNN International in Europe, 1 million page impressions on the CNNi Website, two four-colour pages in both Fortune and Time, as well as an added value offering thought to be worth more than $1m (&£625,000).

Wil Merritt, publisher and vice-president of Time Atlantic, says: “There is no other company like Time Warner that could bring together so many powerful media platforms to create something as large and comprehensive as e-Europe.”

Time Warner ran a similar cross-media programme two years ago, called Visions of Europe, which looked at the future of Europe in the 21st century.


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