Time to bone up on Heinz brand

We are surprised at repeated descriptions of the performance of our Weight Watchers from Heinz brand as poor in “New Heinz UK divisions absorb Weight Watchers” (MW April 14).

Had you but asked how that division is performing, we could have told you that Weight Watchers from Heinz has, in fact, grown from nothing in 1985 to its current UK retail value of ú80m, and that its range now numbers 120 products spanning 21 categories.

We could have told you that it is 11.6 per cent volume share leader of the ú701m market for packaged grocery products positioned on the healthy-eating platform, and that with value growth of 17 per cent (AGB Super figures), it is the fastest-growing brand in the field.

We could have told you that Weight Watchers from Heinz has been clear volume and value leader of healthy frozen ready meals for more than two and a half years, accounting for well over 40 per cent of value.

Not only this, but the Heinz Weight Watchers brand forms the majority of the new frozen and chilled business.

Far from having been absorbed, it is the backbone of the division, from which we are forecasting significant and continued growth.

Lawrence Balfe