Time to live up to the promises

Bhs owner Philip Green provides marketers with a salutary lesson. It is not one of success leading to bonuses of &£180m, rather that marketing is as much about service and quality of product as communication and brand promise.

In an age when the marketing community is obsessed with being able to cut through communications clutter to touch consumers more effectively, Green has turned around the fortunes of Bhs in two years, simply by concentrating on delivering a better shopping experience. There have been no high-profile media campaigns, CRM executions or days on end spent in brainstorming meetings. He has invested in staff and product and let his stores do the talking. The results speak for themselves.

Winston Fletcher believes that marketing is about diagnosing what customers want, then giving them exactly what they want, and then letting them know it is available (MW May 16). The problem is that most marketers focus almost exclusively on the latter. Every effort goes into creating brand promise and little, if any, into fulfilling it.

Stephen Humphreys

Managing director





The same drinks in different glasses

Marketing Week

The reshuffle in the UK spirits market has seen brands, such as Drambuie, handed to new distributors. This will mean more marketing resources for big brands, while the smaller ones have to jockey for niches.

Tragus appoints marketing boss in wake of acquisitions from Whitbread

Marketing Week

Tragus Holdings, the new owner of Whitbread’s Pelican Group and BrightReasons restaurant divisions, has appointed Sean Pound head of marketing. Tragus’ &£25m acquisition includes the Café Rouge and Bella Pasta brands, among others. Chief executive Finlay Scott, who headed coffee shop chain Aroma before its sale to McDonald’s in March 1999, says there are no […]

Kraft marketing chief moves to services role

Marketing Week

Kraft Foods away from home marketing director Stephanie Lea has become director of customer services. In her previous role, Lea was responsible for marketing the away from home section of Kraft’s coffee brands. These include Carte Noire, Kenco and Maxwell House. A Kraft spokesman says the company has yet to decide whether to replace Lea. […]


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