Time to look at brand identity

I would like to comment on the letter sent by Steve Cook, chief executive, Carlson Marketing Group (MW October 16).

Regarding the survey Esteem power (MW September 18), yes it is possible that some marketers have not heard of Carlson Marketing, but have lived in the UK for the past 20 years. Perhaps Carlson should look at the results more positively rather than with the contempt Mr Cook currently portrays.

The fact is there are still a number of marketers, who could be potential clients, that Carlson should be targeting. May I suggest Mr Cook questions the staff responsible for promoting the Carlson Marketing Group identity?

I am sure, as employees of a competent marketing services company, they will have heard of the term “pro-active marketing”.

Just one more quick comment, why not waive all agency fees and agree a promotion performance bonus instead? This might convince marketers you really do provide an excellent service! Now isn’t that a real promotion?

Paul Hudson

Leicester LE12


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