Times and Telegraph see dip in web traffic

National newspaper websites saw mixed fortunes in December with Guardian.co.uk staying out in front with the most visits.

The website saw total monthly unique users rise 3.32% month on month to 36,980,637 and it jumped a hefty 61.99% year on year.

It was followed by Mail Online, which posted a 5.1% rise to 32,843,958 users for December and a 67.03% jump, year on year. Associated newspapers is just launching a £10m campaign for the print version of the Daily Mail that may help web traffic.

Telegraph Online came in third in December but saw a slight drop of 0.33% to 30,711,261. It was up 45.88% year on year.

Times Online, which is expected to introduce some form of pay for content model this year, saw a drop in users of 5.14% to 19,854,510 and is only up 3.86% year on year. The Independent Online rose 4.71% to 9,347,658 and jumped 6.81% year on year.

Factors at play in December might include more people staying at home due to poor weather conditions and looking for updates on the situation.

The Sun saw a 3.5% rise in December to 20,907,012, up 10.26% year on year with , interest in coverage of ITV show The X Factor likely to be a strong driver, while Mirror Group Digital dropped 8.73% to 9,702,760 for December. It was up 82.23% year on year.


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